Springcell ®

Springcell ®

Springcell® is a product collection, by incorporates phase-change material (PCM) into fiber in regulating temperature to excellent body’s micro-climate, to optimum sleep comfort.

We measure the performance by product energy capacity (Joule/㎡) -the maximum heat stored by PCMs.

To meet the individual requirements of customers, SPRINGcell® are available in three different Cell Zones with different degrees of energy capacity.

In assuring the best performance of SPRINGcell® Cell Zone 4 is the minimum performance rate recommended in the finished products. 4000 Joule equals to the quantity of heat that change the temperature of 330 ml water  by 3℃.

Springcell® now even more flexible:

SPRINGcell® fiber carding layer

To maximize the temperature regulating effect in the most economic way, we quilt the Cell Solution® in to a 60gsm fiber layer, to contact with body.

SPRINGcell® fiber in mix

The Cell Solution® temperature regulating fiber can be easily mixed with any fibers. This will add the thermal feature to natural or artificial fiber being mixed.

Springcell® fabric

Temperature regulating fiber now corporate into yarns. The maximum effect of Cell Solution® fabric is 1000-1500 Joule/㎡.

Springcell® spray

We infuse PCM into spray and apply on surface of fabric and fiber(no direct contact with skin). This will enable a temperature regulating effect, yet guarantee at least 10 times wash.

Hot New Release — Medical Sheet Set

Used in hospital beds and accompanying beds to effectively organize the invasion and cross infection of germs.